Due to some unforeseen, and very serious family events I have not been able to have the grand re-opening I had planned.
I know there are a quite a few people who have been waiting for bomb bags to be available again, and in honor of The ‘Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’
coming out, I have listed a limited run of bomb bag sets on my Etsy just in time for Christmas!

I still plan on a grand re-opening, I just don’t know when yet, but it will most likely be after the holidays. Thank you for your continued support!


Only 6 available! Get one before they are gone!


Mail Call!

I finished all these and got them shipped out a couple of days ago!
A Labyrinth worm, large Mario mushroom, Four bomb bag sets (each with three blue bombs inside) and mini bombs for free gifts!
Off to the post office again today with a couple more bomb bag sets!

Quite A Queue

This past week The Knotty Nerdsery was featured on a few different websites including thisiswhyimbroke.com and technabob.com and since then, orders have been coming in like never before!

I want to say thank you to the mentioned websites for posting about my Zelda inspired bomb bag sets. Also a HUGE thank you to everyone who has placed an order! I appreciate all of my customers and I am working very hard to get all the orders done perfectly and in a timely manner, working through my queue of projects in the order that they arrive!

I think this divot in my finger from the yarn may become permanent after this week!

Giveaway Drawing Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will hold the random drawing to pick a winner for my twitter giveaway! Follow @KnottyNerdsery to be entered if you haven’t already! Also you can retweet me for an extra entry!

The prize: A handmade Zelda inspired bomb bag set!

I’m excited, I love giveaways!