Due to some unforeseen, and very serious family events I have not been able to have the grand re-opening I had planned.
I know there are a quite a few people who have been waiting for bomb bags to be available again, and in honor of The ‘Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’
coming out, I have listed a limited run of bomb bag sets on my Etsy just in time for Christmas!

I still plan on a grand re-opening, I just don’t know when yet, but it will most likely be after the holidays. Thank you for your continued support!


Only 6 available! Get one before they are gone!


Regarding Bomb Bag Sets

I am only listing a few bomb bag sets for sale in advance now, with around a 12 week wait for completion, once they are gone, you will have to wait until around March for them to be in stock again to order.
I will also only be listing a limited quantity when they are back in stock.

I know there is a long wait on bomb bag set right now, but I strive to make my customers happy and I am working to deliver a quality product with every order! I take pride in making unique items and providing good customer service for you, because you deserve it!

I am working very hard to get all orders completed at the highest quality in a timely manner and it is only myself hand making all items for The Knotty Nerdsery, so I very much appreciate your understanding and patience. And even though I am swamped in orders I am so grateful to all of you who are ordering with me! I appreciate every single order!

If you currently have a pending order with me please check the estimated completion date, and let me know if you have any questions. I am working hard to get your set to you!

Thank you and again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

New And On Sale!


You never know when you might trigger the horde, travel prepared!

So yesterday while driving I saw a mobile generator unit with lights on it on a corner of an intersection….yes just like the one you have to start and subsequently start a horde, in the games of Left 4 Dead! I am a HUGE fan of both Left 4 Dead games and have played both for an uncountable number of hours! Well, this all sparked my creativity and I decided to make a little something from L4D…which turned out to be a med pack and pipe bomb turned fuzzy dice!

On top of that new car decoration, I have been wanting to make some Zelda inspired blue bomb rearview mirror hangings as well and I recently gave one away as a prize in a giveaway! I finally got around to taking some pictures and listing it up in my shop as well!


You can find both new items in my storenvy and etsy stores!

One other thing, I have the Kickle Cubicle character set on sale, so be sure to check that out if you are a cult classic NES game lover!


Time for another Knotty Nerdsery giveaway! This time I will be giving away a  Zelda inspired set of “fuzzy dice”, two blue bombs attached with a long yellow wick to hang over the rearview mirror in your car (or anywhere else you want to hang some Link lovin’ flair)! I will announce the winner on this blog on September 2nd and I will also email the winner.

Here’s a preview of what your set will look like!

There are a lot of entries to earn so click on the rafflecopter link below to start entering! Good luck!

Rafflecopter Giveaway

This giveaway is international.
Must be 18 or older to enter (or have parent’s permission).

Neglecting This Blog

I haven’t meant to, but I have completely neglected this blog and haven’t written much in the last couple of weeks.

I have been working hard on finishing an album that we released today and I am still working hard on all the bomb bag set orders I have queued up. I also have been working on some other projects and have made progress on some new items that will be up in my shop shortly!

I promise to try to get better at being consistent with posting on my blog!

In the mean time, here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Bombs anyone?

Here is a close up of peek at a one of a kind owl I made as a prize for a winner in my last contest! Such a soft and fuzzy yarn!

Bad picture, but here is a set of blue bomb “fuzzy dice” mirror hanging!

Mail Call!

I finished all these and got them shipped out a couple of days ago!
A Labyrinth worm, large Mario mushroom, Four bomb bag sets (each with three blue bombs inside) and mini bombs for free gifts!
Off to the post office again today with a couple more bomb bag sets!

Quite A Queue

This past week The Knotty Nerdsery was featured on a few different websites including thisiswhyimbroke.com and technabob.com and since then, orders have been coming in like never before!

I want to say thank you to the mentioned websites for posting about my Zelda inspired bomb bag sets. Also a HUGE thank you to everyone who has placed an order! I appreciate all of my customers and I am working very hard to get all the orders done perfectly and in a timely manner, working through my queue of projects in the order that they arrive!

I think this divot in my finger from the yarn may become permanent after this week!