A Few Exciting Things!

So I have a couple of new exciting bits of information to share with you all!

1) The Knotty Nerdsery hit 339 “likes” on Facebook today! That is incredible! I have decided to hold a giveaway when I reach 400 to thank you all for your continued support! So hop on over to THE KNOTTY NERDSERY to like and share!

2) This is a double part bit of excitement…Speaking of giveaways…I am teaming up with an incredible wood artist and we are collaborating to bring you an amazingly epic Zelda inspired set, that you will all be sure to LOVE! As we are designing and working on this, head on over to TheDuckHut and like his facebook page and check out his giveaway! He is giving away a hand crafted duck call that isn’t just gorgeous but has amazing sound as well! Now, I know you all aren’t hunters, but you don’t have to be to appreciate a free work of art…and animal calls are just fun to play with! I have actually used some animal calls in my experimental music project as well, so there are more ways than one to use a call! Enter here via Rafflecopter:
Here is a picture of the amazing prize you could win!


3) I am currently working on a Kingdom Hearts Item, that I am SO excited about! All you fellow Kingdom Hearts fans are going to LOVE this one! Look for that debuting in about a week or so!

There are a lot of new and exciting things coming up, so be sure to follow @knottynerdsery for updates and new items and giveaways in the very near future!

And as always, thank you! Thank you for your comments, messages, likes, orders and amazing continued support!


New And On Sale!


You never know when you might trigger the horde, travel prepared!

So yesterday while driving I saw a mobile generator unit with lights on it on a corner of an intersection….yes just like the one you have to start and subsequently start a horde, in the games of Left 4 Dead! I am a HUGE fan of both Left 4 Dead games and have played both for an uncountable number of hours! Well, this all sparked my creativity and I decided to make a little something from L4D…which turned out to be a med pack and pipe bomb turned fuzzy dice!

On top of that new car decoration, I have been wanting to make some Zelda inspired blue bomb rearview mirror hangings as well and I recently gave one away as a prize in a giveaway! I finally got around to taking some pictures and listing it up in my shop as well!


You can find both new items in my storenvy and etsy stores!

One other thing, I have the Kickle Cubicle character set on sale, so be sure to check that out if you are a cult classic NES game lover!

Shop Spotlight!

I am going to be doing a weekly shop spotlight featuring shops that offer wonderful handmade items and are run by great people that you should know about!

The first ever shop in the spotlight is: Fabrications!
Run by stay at home mom, Melissa, her shop features beautifully handmade, sewn and gorgeously quilted pillows, bags, headbands, mug rugs and more!
Go check out her shop to get your own Fabrication creation!

Fabrications is also on facebook and the great news….she will be having a giveaway soon! So go like her fanpage for a chance to win an amazing handmade item!
Fabrications FB: HERE

How The Knotty Nerdsery began

So I thought I would share with you the story of how The Knotty Nerdsery came to be!
When I was very little I would frequently stay at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother was (and still is) an avid crocheter. At the age of 7 I loved watching her endlessly loop and knot yarn with her mouth whispering barely audible numbers and turning that yarn into beautiful dresses for dolls, doilies, and afghans. I was a very crafty kid, the youngest child, only girl to two other brothers, and very introverted. This all contributed to making me good at doing a lot with very little and being resourceful to keep myself occupied. Give me a piece of paper, a found string and an old button and you would see a devastatingly shy 7 year old’s overactive imagination come to life!

I expressed my interest in learning crochet to my grandmother and she taught me how to hold the yarn and how to do a chain, which I incessantly repeated over and over and over until I had chains 20 ft long of multicolored yarn. I would then take them apart and do it all again very proud of my ability to create something.

Not long thereafter, under some fairly awful extenuating circumstances, I was moved away from where I was living and no longer had long days with my grandmother crafting away.

I never did crochet again…..that is, until August of 2011. Under other (less extreme, but unpleasant, nonetheless) extenuating circumstances I found myself in the desperate need of a hobby, something to put my energy, my mind, and myself into, to calm me and give me something more to do than just dwell on my current situation. I had music, as I have made music and played in bands for many years, but that wasn’t the quiet calming outlet I was needing.

I considered many things, googling like a mad woman to find a craft that really held my interest. This craft turned out to be crochet.
I went down to the craft store, bought a set of cheap plastic crochet hooks, some light blue yarn (going on advice to start learning with a color like this) and an amigurumi pattern book. Once I got home, I immediately unpackaged my spoils and cracked open the pattern book, only to realize, it was in some alien language that I had ZERO clue of how to decipher.

I decided my best bet was to log online and google crochet, and how to read a pattern. With these new online tools in front of me I picked up my yarn (for the first time since I was 7) and muscle memory took over! I perfectly wrapped it around my pinky up to my index finger without thinking twice. It felt right, the yarn in my hand, it felt natural and it felt good, almost calming.
I decided if this felt so right I would just jump in! I turned on a youtube tutorial and followed along with her reading a line of a pattern and completing the steps, until I had a light blue giraffe in my hands, albeit, with some noticeable mistakes, but really done well for my first ever project! At that moment I knew I was right in choosing crochet.

The next day I went back to the craft store and bought some very soft purple yarn to make a stuffed elephant for my sister-in-law’s baby shower that was coming up in 2 days. I finished in just over an hour and was ecstatic! This was it! I found what I needed! The counting and concentration and repetitive movements gave me just what I was lacking, zen like calmness and the pride in creating!

After working through the cute animal amigurumi pattern book I had gotten, I had the basic technique of shaping conquered. I felt like I wanted to move onto my own designs. I love to figure things out, I like a challenge when creating things. I decided to focus my new knowledge into my geeky love of Mario, Zelda and Tim Burton. Looking at pictures, remembering movies, I analyzed the basic shapes of characters and objects, and applying my basic sculpting (with clay) skills, I was able to decipher exactly the curves and shapes I needed and planed how to increase and decrease to get that shape.

My first big, on my own, out of my head, project was the blue worm from the movie Labyrinth (you know, the movie with David Bowie and his obvious package as Goblin King). This is one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite movies, what better to make?! I worked many hours on him, starting over many times until he was just right. I then shared, with everyone I knew, my creation that I was so proud of. After sharing this and hearing the positive feedback, someone offered to buy one from me! What a concept this was to me! Sell something that I was enjoying so much? I of course, said yes, and was humbled and honored someone loved my creation as much as I did!

From this point on it is pretty much history. I started making other things from classic icons and NES games as well as things that I liked just for the fun of it, set up shop on etsy and eventually storeny as well.

So what, in the very beginning was a fun craft to bond with my grandmother over, then later to keep me sane and my idle hands from strangling someone, became something I love to do and a source of income for me and my family!

I am so grateful for all the support and positive feedback I have received as The Knotty Nerdsery through all of this! Thank you all!

My very first crochet project…the blue giraffe. I have improved a hundred fold since then!