Due to some unforeseen, and very serious family events I have not been able to have the grand re-opening I had planned.
I know there are a quite a few people who have been waiting for bomb bags to be available again, and in honor of The ‘Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’
coming out, I have listed a limited run of bomb bag sets on my Etsy just in time for Christmas!

I still plan on a grand re-opening, I just don’t know when yet, but it will most likely be after the holidays. Thank you for your continued support!


Only 6 available! Get one before they are gone!


Halloween L4D Geekery

I know this is a little late, but I have been meaning to post about a costume I made for my son!

My 3 yr old son is in love with zombies and his favorite game is Left 4 Dead (both of them)! When deciding what he wanted to be for Halloween he was torn between Finn (from Adventure Time) or Francis (from L4D), I would have been ecstatic with either! He finally decided on Francis!

I took an old red T-shit and upcycled it into a med pack for him.

“Med packs here!”

I also crocheted him a molotov!


…And finally, here is the completed little Francis!
He was very very happy about his costume and still plays with the costume items I made him!

Complete with vest…the only thing Francis doesn’t hate.

Fan Photos!

Here are some fan photos I have received recently!