The Conclusion

This past week I have been thinking about this blog a lot. I read blogs, see others posting about various blogs, there are blogs that I love, and after reviewing them I have come to a conclusion… they all have something in common that my blog does not…writing!

A lot of the blogs that are enjoyable have more personal posts and great (often humorous) writing, two things I am not all that good at.
I do not do well making blog posts about more personal details or just things in my daily life, I can’t write them out in a way that I feel gives any interest to them. I have never been a writer, nor do I think I do anything that people will find particularly interesting….at least not interesting enough to read a whole blog post about!

I guess what I am trying to say is, thanks for sticking with this (so far) pretty boring blog while I try to come to some terms with myself on how to share more, and more frequently!
This blog is for The Knotty Nerdsery and my creations, but I want it to also be more personal as well. Like a lot of home run shops who also run blogs, you get to know the person in charge, and in turn like the products and person that much better!

I suppose I will start with asking you…Is there anything you would like to know? What would you like to read about here?