Some Important Things

First off I want to say thank you, because I wouldn’t need to be writing this post if it weren’t for all the amazing support and the amount of orders I have received in the last few months! So thank you, all of you, you have made The Knotty Nerdsery what it is!

There are a few things that I need to let you all know about, so here they are:

1) I am still currently backed up with bomb bag set orders, I am working my way, diligently, through quite a queue of orders! (I do appreciate every one of those orders!) But as of right now it is taking about 8 weeks from when you place your order to having your order completed and ready for shipping. This means that orders placed in the next few weeks will arrive at the end of November/beginning of December. November and December is the Holiday rush season, and since I have so many orders I am working on now, I will not be able to handle that rush. If you want your set for Christmas you will need to order in the next few weeks. I will be listing only 5 more bomb bag sets on my Storenvy shop (see #2 for info about storenvy). That will be it until after Christmas. If I am able to get caught up and everyone’s order out before then, I will then list more, but if not (and most likely not), it will not be until after the Holiday season that they will be back in stock.

2) I am starting to use Storenvy more than etsy to list my handmade items, this is because of the great support and features storenvy has for us indie business owners and customers as well as their customer support and ease of use. Which brings me to number 3….

3) My etsy shop is currently down, it will be back up soon, but if you want to place an order in the mean time you can visit my storenvy shop HERE

4) I cannot make any exceptions on the 8 week order fulfillment time for the bomb bag sets, if you have a special occasion or birthday you want it for that is before the 8 week mark, I am not able to get it to you any sooner at this time. I want everyone to be satisfied and have their set when they need it, but everyone will have to wait until their order is up in my queue. This is because each piece of each set is made by hand, to order, and there is only one person (myself) that is able to fulfill your orders.

5) Be assured that I am working hard to get all orders done and done correctly, quickly but without compromising quality. Again, thank you all for your support, patience and understanding!


Lu & Ed Made My Day!

Mon-stor and monster plush creator Cody, of Lu & Ed, recently launched some new monster totes (just in time for Halloween!) and I knew I had to get some for my kids! I have admired her work and I refused to let these totes go without getting my hands on them (I still regret not buying the monster plushie named Karat and the little mon-stor Kaydum). Anyway, as soon as the totes went live in her shop I adopted 3 of them! My daughter picked the one she wanted, my son picked his and since our littlest is too small to care either way, I picked the one I wanted…for her….

How wonderful are these?!

Well, the monster totes came in the mail today! Not only did my package (which was an awesomely recycled box) include our 3 totes, it also had in there a very nice hand written card from Cody! After dinner I gave the kids their totes, they were hopping with excitement, which is a lot considering my oldest is sick and hasn’t done much all day. When they looked inside of their totes and my son yelled “I GOT A TICKET! (which, you should know, he thinks any cards are tickets for rides and something that is amazing) AND A MONSTER GUY!” My daughter says “WHOA! I got STICKERSSSSSS!!!” Now, I will admit I didn’t open up the totes and look all the way inside, so I had no idea that there were these little treasures in there for the kids! They got stickers a big monster sticker and a magnet! This not only made their day, but mine as well. Thank you Cody!

Did you know that Monster Totes can also be used as monster faces? Only my kids!

Upon receiving her (my) monster tote, my little baby girl immediately grabbed it and was so overwhelmed from the pure awesomeness of it, she tried to eat it! There is no bigger compliment or better review than that.

Overload of cuteness!

Go check out Lu & Ed, and her blog too, because not only do you need some of these monsterously wonderful creations in your life, but also because Cody provides you with customer service and quality that we all wish to receive!

New And On Sale!


You never know when you might trigger the horde, travel prepared!

So yesterday while driving I saw a mobile generator unit with lights on it on a corner of an intersection….yes just like the one you have to start and subsequently start a horde, in the games of Left 4 Dead! I am a HUGE fan of both Left 4 Dead games and have played both for an uncountable number of hours! Well, this all sparked my creativity and I decided to make a little something from L4D…which turned out to be a med pack and pipe bomb turned fuzzy dice!

On top of that new car decoration, I have been wanting to make some Zelda inspired blue bomb rearview mirror hangings as well and I recently gave one away as a prize in a giveaway! I finally got around to taking some pictures and listing it up in my shop as well!


You can find both new items in my storenvy and etsy stores!

One other thing, I have the Kickle Cubicle character set on sale, so be sure to check that out if you are a cult classic NES game lover!

Giveaway Winner!

This morning a winner was picked randomly for my Zelda inspired rearview mirror hanging giveaway!
The winner is……………………JULIA!
I have emailed Julia to let her know she won! Congrats Julia!

If the winner does not respond withing 48 hours, a new winner will be picked.
Thank you all for entering and I already have another giveaway in the works that will be up in a few days!