Contest Winner!

First off, thank you all for all of your awesome entries into my design contest. I loved seeing all the different styles and ideas you had!

The winner of the contest is……Nicole (AKA Fascinitia)!
Here are a few of her incredible winning entries:

Nicole does not yet have an online portfolio or website, but when she does I will be sure to do a post with a link to it. I am looking forward to using her work for The Knotty Nerdsery and giving my blog and shop a much more organized and updated look. Thank you Nicole! As the winner of the contest she was able to pick any item from The Knotty Nerdsery and she has decided on a Zelda inspired bomb bag set!

I also have to take the time to post some runners up because there were some very noteworthy submissions!

Here is an entry from Megean Knight, you can see more of her awesome work here:

Another runner up entry, this one is from Megan S.

Last, but not least, this one submitted by Sara K.

Thank you all again for each and every one of your entries and taking the time to design something. If you were mentioned as a runner up I will be contacting you for a runner up prize!
If you didn’t win, don’t be discouraged as I have some sort of giveaway and/or contest just about every month as well as some surprise giveaways! Make sure you are following me on facebook and twitter for flash giveaways!


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