Extreme Makeover: Labyrinth Edition


It’s amazing what a haircut, a touch of color and a high fashion accessory can do for you!

After years upon yeas of living in a goblin inhabited, bog of eternal stench stinking, baby hiding Labyrinth, this worm had lost his self confidence…along with his sense of style and apparently his hair product collection as well.
After finding this down on his luck worm, we gave him a surprise extreme makeover! He now has his self esteem back! He is ready to go conquer his dream of becoming Jareth, the Goblin King’s personal assistant, and we were glad to help him on his way, because, well let’s face it, the always fashionable (and usually spandex clad) Jareth would never hire a personal assistant worm that hadn’t had a haircut in 10 years, didn’t sport a designer scarf or a little makeup.


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