In the giving mood

I had the drawing for my Facebook giveaway today as I reached 200 (and then some) fans! I am so appreciative of every single like, comment and share!

I got the name of every person who has liked The Knotty Nerdsery’s page on FB and then added the names again of those who received an extra entry, put them all in the name picker on and let it randomly pick a winner. I also took a screen shot of the randomizer and the highlighted name it landed on and posted it to show the winner was picked fairly.

Now, I am the kind of person that if you come to visit and you like something that is in my house that I have made (and sometimes things I have not made), you will most likely be taking home with you! I love giving things to people, I love to surprise people and just make someone happy by giving them a little something they like or didn’t expect to get!

So, that being said, I wanted to give more than just the one prize I had advertised, the mini Zelda bomb bag set. I then picked a runner up who will receive a mini bomb! After announcing the two winners, I was looking at the screen shot I had posted and the person right under the winner, had just missed winning by a hair, so I also wanted to give them something, since, well let’s be hones, it sucks to miss winning by that close! That person will also receive a mini blue Zelda inspired bomb!

I really love doing giveaways! I know what it’s like to win something, or get something unexpected, and it is a great, feeling. I love giving that to people!

I still have my Twitter giveaway going on, the prize being a full sized Zelda inspired bomb bag set. That giveaway will end on June 1st. If you want to enter, all you have to do is follow me on twitter (@KnottyNerdsery) and you are entered! If you retweet me you will get one extra entry!

Thank you all for your support and awesome comments you have given me, if I could I would give you all something!


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